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The Math CoOp at the Division of Applied Math at Brown University is running a new monthly seminar series on "Social Equity and Applied Mathematics" (SEAM).  Its aim is to discuss mathematical models, and theoretical and computational aspects of problems that are of relevance to social equity in the world. 

This seminar series aims to create broader awareness of varied societal issues and quantitative approaches used to study them, and bring together a diverse group of interdisciplinary researchers with different backgrounds and levels of experience who are deeply interested in these issues.  We hope it also inspires new directions of both applied research as well as fundamental mathematical theory that can shed light on solutions to these problems. All members of the Brown Community are welcome. 

The MacArthur Foundation has named Economics Professor Jesse Shapiro one of the 25 MacArthur Fellows , also known as the 'Genius Grant', for 2021. He was selected for his bold approach to advancing understanding of major societal problems and for his diverse range of research interests. Jesse won $625,000 in no-strings-attached funds to advance his innovative research using data to understand and confront complex social issues.  

More information about this great achievement can be found here. Congratulations Jesse! 

Jesse Shaprio


Please join us on Wednesday, October 13th at 4pm for the Bernard I. Fain Lecture titled “Budget Analysis in the Pandemic”, delivered by Phill Swagel, Director of the Congressional Budget Office. The event will be held in Salomon Center (79 Waterman St), room 101 and is co-sponsored by the James M. and Cathleen D. Stone Wealth and Inequality Project, the Department of Economics, and the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs. The Fain Lecture honors the memory of Bernard I. Fain, a member of the Brown University class of 1952.

Phill Swagel


Professor Emily Oster, with her research team, launched  the COVID-19 School Data Hub on September 15. The Data Hub is a central database for educators, researchers, and policy makers to understand how the pandemic shaped students’ mode of learning in 2020-2021. The Hub will be used as a resource to generate knowledge about how school learning models may have shaped the outcome for children and adults. Congratulations! 

Professor John Friedman has been named Editor of American Economic Review, one of the top academic journals of the profession. The last professor in the Brown Economics Department to work as an editor at the AER was George Borts between 1969 and 1980. Professor Borts' work includes contributions to the fields of transportation economics, industrial organization, and international finance. Congratulations John! 

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