Department of Economics

President’s Advisory Council on Economics

President’s Advisory Council on Economics Mission Statement

The President’s Advisory Council for the Economics Department considers strategic directions and long-term planning issues to ensure that the Department of Economics is providing the highest quality educational experience for its students, based both on their experiences at Brown and beyond, and is engaged in research of the highest quality and impact.

The Advisory Council works with campus leadership to ensure their continued recognition and support of the Department of Economics, in light of the key role economics plays in the vitality of the entire Brown community.

The Advisory Council coordinates with Advancement to ensure that the strategic and financial initiatives of the Department of Economics are achieved.

The Advisory Council consists of a Chair and approximately twenty-five members. Members are appointed by the President for staggered terms of three years each, beginning July 1 and ending June 30. The Chair of the Advisory Council is designated by the President.

The Advisory Council shall be staffed by the Chair of the Department of Economics.

Economics Advisory Council

Alexandra Garbers Pruner ’83-Chair
Independent Director, Senior Advisor
Perella Weinberg Partners

Alison J. Adderley ’80
Professor of Economics
Valencia College

Nick Advani ’99
Private Investor

Graham Ahokas '12
Executive Director, Real Estate Americas
J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Jim Amine ’81, P’23
Global Infrastructure Partners

Kyuhey L. August '01
Founder and Chief Investment Officer
KAN Capital Partners

John Bader P’20, P’21, P’25
Private Investor 
Malcolm Baker, Ph.D. ’91, P’22, P’25
Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School 

Cantey Boyd '02
Managing Director
Baker Bros. Advisors LP

Devon Briger P’22
Director of Service Delivery
The Acceleration Project

Camille E. Bryan '01
Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Libby Cantrill '00
Managing Director and Head of Public Policy

David Castelblanco ’91
Managing Director and Head of Latin America for the Merchant Bank Division 
Goldman Sachs & Company

Hyung-Jin “David” Chung, Ph.D. AM’95 PhD’97, P’22, P’25
Head of Korea Investment Banking
Goldman Sachs & Company

Suzi Cohen ’92
Chief Investment Officer
Mousse Partners Limited

Nancy Donohue ’87
Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder
Summit Rock Advisors

Martha Goss ’71, P’04
Independent Director

Ferdinand “Ferd” P. Groos '90,P'21, P’25
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Cryder Capital Partners
Parth S. Jindal '12
Managing Director
JSW Cement and JSW Paints

Judy C. Lewent
Independent Director

Yohan Minaya '07
Managing Director
Nomura Greentech

Jennifer Murphy ’86
CEO and Founder
Runa Digital Assets, LLC

Pat Robertson '01
Co-Founder, COO & Partner
Dragoneer Investment Group

Glen H. Scheinberg '08
Portfolio Manager
Millennium Partners

Melanie A. Whelan '99
Managing Director
Summit Partners

Donna C. E. Williamson '74
Managing Director 
Ceres Venture Fund, L.P.

Michael W. Wu '92
Chairman, Managing Director
Maxim's Group

Zhu “Jennifer” Xu P’23
Private Investor

Dong “Daniel” Yang P’23
Venture Partner
SAIF Partners

Stephen “Steve” Zeldes ’78, P’25
Professor of Economics and Finance
Graduate School of Business, Columbia University