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The Orlando Bravo Center for Economic Research was founded in 2019 following a generous gift to Brown University from Orlando Bravo and is housed in the Department of Economics, supporting high-impact research on the scientific frontier of economics. Broadly, the Center supports innovative research, collaboration, and training for the next generation of economic scholars. Faculty research is supported via research grants, funding for conferences, both one-time and recurring annual events, and funding for short-term visitors to the department. Faculty research is highlighted in the new Bravo Working Paper Series. Graduate students are supported via research grants and research assistant fellowships, allowing for collaboration between students and faculty. Funding will be available for undergraduate students writing honors theses in the department, and we also plan to support a training program for undergraduate research assistants.

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Bravo Center Funding Applications

The Bravo Center is currently accepting funding requests for research projects. Interested parties should submit an application at least one week before the following decision dates: May 6, 2021, September 2, 2021, and December 10, 2021. Please follow the guidelines for research grants at the Bravo Center. Applicants may...
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Graduate Student Summer 2020 Support

During summer 2020, the Bravo Center supported 5 graduate students to further develop their own dissertation research and/or work with faculty on joint research projects. More info on the students and their projects...
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Bravo Center Working Paper Series Submissions

The Bravo Center welcomes scholars in the Department of Economics to contribute to the Orlando Bravo Working Paper Series. All faculty members are welcome to release their papers to the Series, while graduate students must obtain and acknowledge a faculty member as a sponsor. Faculty sponsors should evaluate graduate papers based on whether the paper is about to be submitted to a journal and whether the paper is...
January 10, 2019 News from Brown

Highlighting Brown’s distinction in economics

With an increased focus on unearthing novel data sources for analysis, Brown’s economics scholars are bringing new insights to complex problems and teaching the next generation of researchers and policymakers to do the same.


The Brown Department of Economics is home to some of the most relevant and engaging research being done in the field, with its scholars contributing to the public debate about economic policy, including taxation and government expenditure, trade and globalization, the development and growth of the economy, health and welfare.