Department of Economics

Peer Advisors

Offer insight into course selection, study abroad, internships, working as a TA or RA, etc.

Upper class economics concentrators serve as peer advisors to underclassmen. Peer advisors provide information that can be helpful for course selection, concentration choice (econ vs. applied math econ vs math econ vs. CS econ), internships, RAing, TAing, graduate school, study abroad, etc. 

Below is a list of peer advisors and a short description of their areas of interest, contact information, and office hours. We suggest you select a peer advisor with listed interests in line with your own and contact them directly with any questions. Peer advisors will also host events during shopping period and before concentration declarations are due. See the Events Calendar for when these will be scheduled.

  • Kushagra

    Kushagra Agarwal

    Kushagra is a senior from India studying Computer Science and Economics as a double concentration. He has been involved with the Economics Department as a previous TA for Econ 1210: Intermediate Macroeconomics and currently for Econ 1420: Industrial Organization. Within Economics, his areas of interest include macroeconomics, growth, and business/finance. Outside of the classroom, he has been serving on the Undergraduate Finance Board (UFB) for 2 years and was on the Executive Board of the South Asian Students Association. Over the last few summers, Kushagra has pursued internships in management consulting, at a hedge fund, and at a startup in a data analytics role. He will be working in management consulting after graduation and will be applying for deferred admission MBA programs this year. Kushagra is available to chat about double concentrating, TA'ing, recruiting, student clubs, navigating Brown as an international student, MBA programs, and anything else!

  • Roshannah

    Roshannah Gaur

    Roshannah is a senior studying Computer Science-Economics. Before declaring her sophomore year, she came to Brown undecided and was also an Economics concentrator. Roshannah's internship experience the past three summers has been at both startups and well-established corporations. It has also spanned different industries across healthcare, biotech, and tech. While at Brown, she has also had experience balancing the responsibilities of being a student-athlete as she is a part of the Women's Golf team. Roshannah is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding dual degrees or internship experiences outside of typical financial services opportunities.

  • Jacob

    Jacob Good

    Jacob Good is a senior from Cleveland studying Computer Science – Economics. Outside of the classroom, he is a member of the Brown Squash Team, a TA for ENGN 9, and involved with a variety of Jewish community groups. Over the last few summers, Jacob gained experience in wealth management, venture capital, data science/computer science, and investment banking – and will be working in investment banking after graduation. Jacob is more than happy to discuss choosing classes & concentration(s), internship/job recruitment, life as a student-athlete, and anything in between. 

  • Ashley Lac

    Ashley Lac

    Ashley is a senior from eastern Connecticut studying Economics. As a first-generation college student, Ashley is very passionate about mentorship and advising. In addition to being a Peer Advisor for the department, Ashley is also a Meiklejohn Peer Advisor, a Tour Guide for Brown Admissions, and Vice President of Women in Business. She also previously served as Co-President of Brown's Economics DUG. Beyond Brown, she has spent two summers working in finance. Her sophomore summer, she interned at UBS as a Global Markets Sales & Trading Summer Analyst, and last summer she summered at Barclays in the Investment Banking Division. She's always happy to provide advice or chat, so please feel free to reach out! 

  • Ashton

    Ashton Lam

    Ashton Lam is a senior from the Bay Area, CA concentrating in Economics and International and Public Affairs. Throughout his time at Brown, he has been involved with the Economics department as the previous Co-President for the Economics Departmental Undergraduate Group (DUG) and as a Lab Assistant for ECON1620: Introduction to Econometrics, and he currently sits on the university's College Curriculum Council. Ashton's academic interests within Economics include environmental economics, development economics, and inequality. Outside of academics, he has been involved with the Brown Consulting Club, Brown Data Science, Model United Nations, and SBUDNIC Satellite Launch. Ashton has pursued internships in management consulting for the past two summers and plans to return to the industry after graduation. Feel free to ask him anything about the DUG, extracurriculars, double concentrating, TA'ing, recruiting, etc. - he'd love to chat!

  • Jaime

    Jaime Matos

    Jaime is a senior from Puerto Rico concentrating in Applied Mathematics – Economics. He initially planned to pursue the pre-med track but discovered other interests through the open curriculum. While at Brown, Jaime’s been involved with the Brown Healthcare Investment Group, Hispanic Capital Group, Brown Club Volleyball Team, and SEO Career. This past summer, he worked in investment banking with TD Securities; and will return to the industry upon graduation as an analyst at Guggenheim Securities. Jaime’s currently exploring deferred MBA programs and learning about medical technologies such as gene editing. Feel free to reach out to him to talk about career decisions, course selections, extracurriculars, or anything else.

  • Lily

    Lily Steinman

    Lily Steinman is a senior from New York City concentrating in Computer Science-Economics. Within the Econ department, some of her favorite classes have been The Theory of Behavioral Economics, Game Theory, Economics of Education, and Economics of Social Policy. She has combined her studies in Computer Science and Economics by focusing on analytics and using her technical skills to find deeper insights into human behavior. Lily has interned as a Strategy Intern, a Technical Project Management Intern, and as a Business Analyst Intern. Outside of the classroom, Lily has volunteered for the Admissions Office, acted as a TA for CS15, and been involved in Women in Business. She also loves to bake, do crossword puzzles, and go on walks with friends around Providence. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

  • Olivia

    Olivia Thorson

    Liv is a senior studying Economics and Environmental Science on the Air Climate and Energy track. In addition to serving as an Economics Peer Advisor, she serves as a TA for ENVS 0110 Humans Nature and the Environment: Addressing Climate Change in the 21st Century and ECON 1350: Environmental Economics and Policy. On-campus, she is involved in Women in Business as President and has served as a group tutor for Microeconomics. Over school breaks, she has studied abroad in Paris and Norway and has had internships in the public sector for the government and environmental nonprofits including and The New Fashion Initiative. She interned in management consulting this past summer, which she plans to do after graduation. Feel free to ask her about double-concentrating, studying abroad, TAing, finding internships, or anything else!

  • Stephanie

    Stephanie Tu

    Stephanie is a senior from New York City double concentrating in Public Health and Economics. Her academic interests within Economics include behavioral economics, macroeconomics, and health economics. In her time at Brown, she has been involved in Women in Business, Women’s Launch Pad, HOPE, and Delta Gamma. She is also a research assistant for the education department at the Annenberg Institute. After graduation, Stephanie will be working as an investment banking analyst in the Equity Capital Markets group at J.P. Morgan, where she interned this past summer. Feel free to ask her questions about choosing courses, double concentrating, internships, preparing for study abroad or anything else! 

  • Alexandre Wurzmann

    Alexandre Wurzmann

    Alexandre is a 4th-year from Brazil concentrating in Economics and Political Science. In the Econ department, he has taken classes ranging from Corporate Finance to Economics of Education. Two of his personal favorite classes have been Economic Growth and Environmental Economics. A big enthusiast of politics as well, Alexandre has interned in politics-related positions in the first two summers and did consulting in the last one, which is what he will do once he graduates from Brown.