Department of Economics

Peer Advisors

Offer insight into course selection, study abroad, internships, working as a TA or RA, etc.

Upper class economics concentrators serve as peer advisors to underclassmen. Peer advisors provide information that can be helpful for course selection, concentration choice (econ vs. applied math econ vs math econ vs. CS econ), internships, RAing, TAing, graduate school, study abroad, etc. 

Below is a list of peer advisors and a short description of their areas of interest, contact information, and office hours. We suggest you select a peer advisor with listed interests in line with your own and contact them directly with any questions. Peer advisors will also host events during shopping period and before concentration declarations are due. See the Events Calendar for when these will be scheduled.

  • P Gonzalez P Gonzalez

    Patricio (Pato) Gonzalez

    Class Senior (2021)
    Concentration Economics and Behavioral Decision Sciences

    Pato is a senior originally from Monterrey, Mexico pursuing a double concentration in Economics and Behavioral Decision Sciences with a specialization in Managerial Decision Making. He has had previous internship experiences in Consulting and Finance both internationally and within the US. For post-graduation, he plans to be in New York City working in Investment Banking full-time. He is excited to help with anything related to economics: from deciding which classes to take to navigating academics as an international student. 

  • Claire Claire

    Claire Heiden

    Class Senior (2021)
    Concentration Economics

    Claire is a senior concentrating in Economics pursuing a thesis on the debt crisis among female micro-entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka. Her coursework has focused on inequality and development, with electives ranging from Race and Inequality to Economics of Mass Media. 

    She participates in Meiklejohn Leadership, the Entrepreneurship Program, the Brown Journal of World Affairs, and the Brown Community Council. Her summer experiences have included traveling to Dhaka, Bangladesh for a microfinance internship at Grameen Bank, serving as an Annenberg Undergraduate Fellow for Education and Social Policy, interning at a Senate office, and working at a social entrepreneurship nonprofit. She is also a Research Assistant at the Annenberg Institute. Claire was recently accepted to law school through a junior deferral program. She is happy to discuss the path from an undergrad economics degree to law school (including the dreaded LSAT), summer opportunities in the public and social impact sectors, and ways to get involved with research including writing a thesis. 

  • GH GH

    Gisela Hoxha

    Class Senior (2021)
    Concentration Applied Math and Economics

    Hi, I’m Gisela, a rising senior from Albania studying Applied Math and Economics on the Advanced Economics Track. I love teaching and I am passionate about mentorship so I have been a TA for the past two years as well as a group tutor and MAPS mentor. I love being involved in research projects and I have worked with professors in the APMA and Econ department. I am also interested in pursuing graduate school in Economics after a few years of working so if you need help with figuring out if graduate school would be a good choice for you or about what courses to take feel free to reach out. In my free time I love to hang out with friends, read and go out for runs. 


  • Grace Kim Grace Kim

    Grace Kim

    Class Senior (2021)
    Concentration Economics and Public Policy
    Grace is a senior from California double concentrating in Economics and Public Policy. After spending her freshman summer interning at a local CPA firm, she spent her sophomore and junior summers interning as an investment banking summer analyst in the Financial Institutions Group of Credit Suisse- experiencing one internship in New York City and the other virtually. Upon graduation, she will be returning to the same group. 
    On campus, Grace has been involved with Women in Business, Collegiate Consulting Group, Women's Launch Pad, Delta Gamma, and the Economics department. She also studied abroad in Amsterdam during her junior spring. 
    Feel free to ask her any questions regarding dropping or S/NC'ing classes, double concentrating, studying abroad, networking and searching for internships, uncertainty about your career path, or anything else on your mind! 
  • Leah Lam Leah Lam

    Leah Lam

    Class Senior (2021)
    Concentration Computer Science-Economics and Public Policy

    I am a senior from the Bay Area in California and I am concentrating in Computer Science-Economics and Public Policy. My academic interests within Economics include behavioral economics, macroeconomics, and financial economics. In my time at Brown, I have been involved in the Economics department as an Office Assistant, TA for Intermediate Macroeconomics and Corporate Finance, and RA to Assistant Professor Neil Thakral. I have also TA’ed two Computer Science courses in the past. Outside of school, I have completed a winter internship through Brown’s Careers in the Common Good program, as well as summer internships in private equity and investment banking. Ask me about double concentrating, TA’ing, finding work opportunities and internships, or anything else!

    Office Hours:  Mondays 12-1pm and Fridays 8-9am | Link:

  • Ari Ari

    Ari Mazza

    Class Senior (2021)
    Concentration Economics and Public Policy

    I am a senior studying Economics and Public Policy. I have taken many courses in the Economics department, but a majority of my courses have been in financial economics and I am currently a TA for Financial Institutions. I can also answer any questions about dual concentrating and how Public Policy plays into my Economics degree. I have internship experience in asset management, private equity, and investment banking. After graduation I will be joining Morgan Stanley full-time within their Investment Banking Media & Communications group. I would be happy to answer any and all questions about my path at Brown or any questions on working in financial services!

  • Carlos Carlos

    Carlos Perez

    Class Senior (2021)
    Concentration Economics

    Hello, my name is Carlos Perez and I’m a senior studying Economics. I’m an international student from Ecuador and came to Brown undecided on my concentration. Since then I have taken a wide arrange of economics courses. I have taken over 12 courses in the department and currently planning on taking 3 more! I can be of help if you ever need help selecting courses, managing time or stress, future career paths or need help with cultural acclimatization.

  • Trish Razunguzwa Trish Razunguzwa

    Trish Razunguzwa

    Class Senior (2021)
    Concentration Economics and Development Studies

    I am a senior from Harare, Zimbabwe concentrating in Economics and Development Studies. I focus on the intersections of environmental, social and development policy and economics. Applied Research Methods for Economists was an instrumental class for me in my coursework and thesis, so I am currently a TA for the course. I am also an Applied Policy Research Intern for The Policy Lab. I have interned at a nonprofit organisation that serves vulnerable youth in Zimbabwe, at a multinational professional services firm in Boston, and a renewable energy consulting firm focused on enabling governments, schools and private companies to reach clean energy goals.

    Ask me anything about TAing, research, deciding on doing a thesis, and double-concentrating. I would also love to talk about being new to the economics discipline and related imposter syndrome, strategies to thrive in the face of tough coursework, mental health, being a low-income student, job searching while on a student visa, or relating a US education to a global context/your home country. Please also reach out if there are any ways to improve your experience as it relates to the diversity, inclusion and accessibility of the department.


  • Nitya Nitya

    Nitya Velakacharla

    Class Senior (2021)
    Concentration Economics and Literary Arts

    Nitya is a senior concentrating in Economics and Literary Arts. Born in the US and raised in Hong Kong, she is deeply interested in economics and its ability to contextualize current affairs and global challenges. Nitya has taken a variety of economics electives ranging from Current Global Macroeconomic Challenges to Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance. Outside of class, Nitya was previously Co-President of the Economics DUG and has experience providing information about course and concentration selection, as well as other academic and career-related opportunities. She is also involved with Brown's Socially Responsible Investment Fund as a Finance Chair, Smart Woman Securities as Co-CEO, Ivy Film Festival as a programming staff member, and Vagabond Magazine as a staff writer. 

    In terms of professional experience, Nitya has pursued a variety of internships, largely within the financial services industry. The summer after her first year, she interned with a macroeconomic advisory firm in Hong Kong providing economic analysis and research to central banks, governments and hedge funds. After her sophomore year, she interned with a Hong Kong-based investment fund. This past summer she interned with Perella Weinberg Partners, an independent investment bank providing advisory services, and will be returning full-time next summer. Nitya is also in the process of exploring deferred MBA programs in the US and can provide guidance to those interested in this process. She also hopes to provide advice to those looking for internships both in the US and abroad through internal and external resources.