Department of Economics

Transfer Credit Instructions

To apply for credit for economics courses taken at another university.

  1. Obtain a pdf of the course syllabus, including its prerequisites. If there is an equivalent course at Brown, note its name and number.
  2. For courses you have NOT YET taken: For provisional approval of courses you plan to take at another university while studying away/abroad or attending summer school, email a copy of the detailed syllabus, as well as the information you collected in point 1. (course prerequisites of the course to be transferred, course name, and number of the corresponding course at Brown, if any) to the Economics Department Transfer Credit Advisor Susanne Schennach at Note that formal approval can only be given after the course has been completed and the transcript received by the Brown Registrar's Office.
  3. For courses you have ALREADY taken: First make sure the course appears on your Brown transcript. Then log on to ASK. On the toolbar at the top, click on "More," and "Transfer Credit." Follow the instructions to upload your materials.  Approval of foreign institutions is done by the Study Abroad office (OIP). After the institution has been approved, approval of a specific course for concentration and/or course credit is then done by the Economics Transfer Credit Advisor. Apply for “equivalency review” using the ASK transfer credit module.
  4. If you need a course to fulfill your concentration requirements, follow the instructions on ASK to upload the transfer credit approval to your concentration declaration.