Department of Economics

2023-Zachary Reiss, The Effects of Medicaid Enrollment on COVID-19 Mortality: Did Expansion Save Lives?

2023-Vandana Ramesh, How has the widespread introduction of telework options affected the use of family leave, childcare leave, and parental leave?

2023-Ray Huang, Drug-Related Arrest Rates and College Enrollment:
Examining the Impact of Two Federal Drug Control Acts

2023-Patrick Rhatigan, Exclusionary Zoning in Massachusetts An Analysis of MA Chapter 40B

2023-Noah Ball-Burack, Google Search Data for Predicting Population-Level Mental Health

2023-Michael Lee, Combining Payoff and Cognitive Uncertainty: A Player-Cognitive Type Space

2023-Meredith Hilkert, Financial Literacy in Teens around the Globe:
Using Evidence from PISA to Investigate Gender Gaps

2023-Gianna Finear, Impacts of Raising the Alcohol Excise Tax on Alcohol Consumption and Related Harms in the United States

2023-Emma Golden, Progress or Propaganda: An Analysis of Net-Zero State Policies & The Green and Brown Labor Markets

2023-Claire Costa, A Geolocated Assessment of the Relationship between Deforestation and Property Rights Variation: A Case Study on Malawi

2023-Chaelin Jung, The Effects of Old-Age Pensions on Intrahousehold Health: Evidence From Bolivia

2023-Arjun Shanmugam, Does Eviction Affect Crime? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Boston

2023-Anna Noé-Nordberg, Unequal Before the Law: Plea Deal Rates and Attorney Experience

2023-Alexey Boyko, Energy Efficiency and Political Competition at the Local Level: Evidence from Connecticut

2022-Bilal Noor Memon, The Afterlife of Slavery: How Conditions of Enslavement Relate to Post-emancipation Outcomes

2022-Anson Shyu, Prudent Policy or Placebo? Examining Effects of COVID Stimulus Checks

2022-Aditya Kapur, The Long Term Health and Education Impacts of British Canals in Punjab, India

2022-Molly Cook, COVID-19 Schooling Mode and Women's Unemployment Insurance Claims: Evidence from Ohio

2022-Akhil Saxena, Heterogeneous Outcomes of Welfare Reform: Examining the Effects of AFDC Waivers

2022-Alexander Conner, Perturbation Methods and Rational Approximants for Simple Yield Curves

2022-Jolie Wei, COVID-19 Risk Perceptions and Precautionary Behaviors Among Various Demographic Groups: Does Having a Mental Health Disorder Make a Difference?

2022-Joseph Sheely, Comparative Risk Analysis of Cryptoassets through the Aumann and Serrano Economic Index of Riskiness

2022-Lijin Dai, How English Proficiency Affects Female Immigrants' Social Integration: A Sociological Approach

2022-Kunj Padh, The Effect of Industrial Robots on Employment: Evidence from Canadian Labor Markets

2022-Zhiping Ding, Sir Arthur Lewis’s Dual Sector Model: A Discussion of its Empirical Evidence in East Asia; A Presentation of Chinese History of Economic Development in the Context of Surplus Labor; And An Exploration of China’s Status Quo in its Framework.

2022-Shinyoung Lee, The 1999 Privatization of Marriage Brokers, Marriage Migration, and Provincial Sex Ratio in South Korea

2022-Okezie Okoro, Salary Differences Across Race, Region, and Ethnicity Among Professional Soccer Players in Europe

2021-Andy Zhu, Can Alcohol (Sales) Solve All Woes: Balancing the Economic Gains of Alcohol Sales at Collegiate Sporting Events with its Social Costs

2021-Augustus Kmetz, Great Expectations: The Information Implications of Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) Releases

2021-Gisela Hoxha, The Effect of Cumulative Migration on the Choices of Agricultural Households in Albania Over Time

2021-Alabi Mojolaoluwa, “To Keep Nigeria One”: Effects of the Biafran War on Education

2020-Jacob Henry Furst, Abstracting from Jointly Observed StateVariables in Nonparametric Multinomial Choice Estimation

2020-Jae KimForeign Direct Investment and Corruption Patterns: Evidence from India

2020-Sarah S. Conlisk, Hidden Costs of Hidden Aid: The Impact of Net Price Calculators on Access to College

2020-Rebecca Aman, Does HOPE spring eternal? The impacts of policy changes to the Georgia HOPE Scholarship

2020- Hugh Klein, The Effect of White House “Leaks” on Media Coverage

2020- Sofia La Porta Drago, Masters of Minima

2020-Blaise Rebman, Differences by Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in Reasons forand Receipt of Unemployment Insurance During theGreat Recession: Evidence from Missouri UI Claims

2020-James Okun, The Effect of Transparency on Political Speech:Evidence from the U.S. Congressional Press Galleries

2020-Samuel Cai, The Effect of Gun Control Legislation on Firearm InjuryRates: Evidence from New York and New Jersey

2020-Julia H. Gilman, Diversity in the Newsroom: The Impact of Editors’Race and Gender on Promotions and Content 

2019-Sachin Sastri, The Impact of National Soccer TeamPerformance on Attitudes TowardsMinorities in European Countries

2019-Renuka Diwan, The Effect of Rural Road Development on
Hospital Births:Evidence from India

2019-Nicoletta Zinni, Women's Empowerment and Fertility 

2019-Ruby Steedle, Pharmacotherapy and Opioid Mortality: The Effect of
Supply Constraints

2019-Joshua Beck, The Agri-Cultural Origins of Religiosity

2019- Julia Kirschenbaum, Immigrants, The Social Safety Net, and The Academic  Achievement Gap: Evidence from the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA)

2019-Chuqing Li, Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategies for Growing Business

2019-Suvy Qin, Along for the Ride: Impacts of Commuting on Birth Outcomes

2018 – Cassandra Cole, Assessing the Impacts of China’s Pilot Carbon Emissions Trading Schemes

2018 - Talbot Jacobs, Analyzing the Impact of Renewable Portfolio Standards on California Power Prices

2018 – Samuel Koch, NFL Player Protests and Presidential Boycott:  The Effect on NFL Attendance and Ticket Prices

2018 – Geoffrey Kocks, Tourism Growth and Agricultural Patterns in Cuba

2018 – Gillian Lee, Examining the Effect of the Switch to the Prospective Payment System on Maternal and Infant Health in Rural Counties

2018 – Emma Meharg, Home Grown Nutrition Assistance: Evaluating the Farmers Market Nutrition Program

2017 – Christine Blandhol, Gender Differences in Treatment Choice and Adherence

2017 – Joshua Herman, Donating Strategically to Multiple Destinations

2017 – Andrew Jiang, Growth in Lights

2017 – Stephen Stahr, Geolocated IP Addresses as a Source of Economic Data

2016 – John Blasberg, The Impact of Organizational Quality on the Performance and Career Outcomes of NBA Players:  Evidence from the Draft Lottery

2016 – Steven Brownstone, Keeping it in the Family:  The Role of Family Social Networks in Migration from Rural Bangladesh

2016 – Hannah Camhi, Knock Knock Before You Enter: A New Approach to Modeling Contest Entry Decisions

2016 – Tsvetomira Dumbalska, Economic Mobility in Rural Indian over the Period 1982-2006

2016 – Zhengyang (Rom) Gao, The Prospect of an ASEAN Single Currency

2016 – Sarah Pariser, Interest Rates, Personal Characteristics and Perception