Department of Economics

Economics in the Real World - "Equality of Opportunity in America: Where Shall We Look?"

This spring’s Economics in the Real World Day event will take place on March 2. There will be a talk and panel featuring Harvard’s Raj Chetty, a principal investigator of the joint Harvard-UC Berkeley Equality of Opportunity Project. The panel of discussants will include Brown economists John Friedman, Justine Hastings, and Glenn Loury. 

On the same topic, see Glenn Loury’s discussion of Thomas Piketty’s new book “Capital in the 21st Century” with Larry Kotlikoff (Boston University) and Rajiv Sethi (Barnard College) on his video blog, The Glenn Show.

Also, Brown Professor David Weil discussed Piketty’s book at a session of the American Economic Association annual meeting in early January 2015.