Department of Economics

Angelica Vargas Honored by Graduate Student Council with Wilson-DeBlois Award 

One can almost hear a whole generation of Brown Economics Ph.D. students cheering as the announcement is made that Angelica Vargas, the long-time Academic Programs Manager and unofficial den mother of every incoming graduate class in the program for almost fifteen years, was selected by the Graduate Student Council (representing Brown’s graduate student population across all departments) to receive this year’s Wilson-DeBlois Award.

Vargas has performed or overseen staff functions relating to both undergraduate and graduate education in economics at Brown since 2000, and began working in her first position at the University three years earlier.  The Wilson DeBlois Award is awarded annually by the Graduate Student Council to an individual “who has made outstanding contributions to graduate students and the Graduate School.  The award is named in honor of two recipients of Brown’s first Doctor of Philosophy degrees in 1889. The award, given on behalf of all Brown graduate students, expresses their appreciation for the recipient’s dedication and commitment to graduate students at Brown, and is presented at the Graduate School Commencement ceremony in May.

The Graduate Council’s citation reads: “This award recognizes Angelica Vargas’s unwavering support of and commitment to graduate students at Brown University. Throughout two decades at Brown, and 15 years as the Academic Programs Manager in the Economics Department, Angelica has served as a tireless advocate for graduate students as well as an outstanding mentor. While it is unusual for a department administrator to receive this award, Angelica's work has extended well beyond her department: she helps ease new graduate students’ transition into the program and life at Brown, has advocated for student office space and necessary resources, and provides guidance throughout the job search process. Angelica exemplifies the best kind of relationship between graduate students and administrators, one of guidance as well as collaboration. In short, Angelica’s dedication and passion for improving the graduate school experience have positively impacted hundreds of students and her contributions are deeply appreciated. Departmental administrators have a huge impact on the day to day life of graduate students, and we appreciate all that Angelica and her colleagues across campus do for us.”

Congratulations to Angelica!