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Alumni Profile: Aly Migliori, A.B. '13

Aly Migliori is a Film Director and Cinematographer and the Co-Founder of First Hunt Films in New York City. At Brown, she concentrated in both Economics and honors in Modern Culture & Media.

Aly Migliori
Aly Migliori, A.B. '13
Credit: Aly Migliori


The dual nature of her coursework helped prepare her for a career in film by teaching both soft and hard skills, as well as how to be an entrepreneur. For Migliori, the two areas of study paired well together because she learned about both global macroeconomic issues and the global media landscape. Within Economics, she learned not only how to be keenly analytical, but also how to take a step back and abstract the world in accordance to theoretical models. Her favorite courses included International Finance and Welfare State with the late Professor George Borts. Migliori praised his sincere willingness to engage in deeper discussions and highlighted that Borts was the first professor to bridge the gap between academic economics and current issues during her undergraduate studies.

Migliori describes how each new film is akin to starting a small company, and her prior economics coursework about risk and rationality influenced her entrepreneurship. Migliori reflects that her studies in Economics drove her confidence to drive her career and invest in her work. Migliori was initially drawn to Brown in part by the impressive alumni network; the strength of these ties was proven in her own career. First Hunt Films was founded when Migliori was only 24 years old. In 2019, her film, “Twist” was selected for the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City and her film After Her premiered online to over 400K views on the DUST Youtube Channel.