Department of Economics

Brown Economics Alumni Profile: Daniel Prinz, A.B. 2012

Daniel Prinz grew up in Budapest, Hungary and attended an international high school in Wales on a merit scholarship. For Prinz, the two distinguishing features of Brown were the Open Curriculum and the accessibility of professors. Prinz knew he wanted to concentrate in Economics because the field provides a unique and rigorous framework for analyzing policies in many different areas.

At Brown, he was able to dive deep into his primary area of study and still explore other interests. Prinz took seventeen courses in economics and six courses in mathematics, as well as several classes in philosophy and political science. Beginning in his sophomore year through graduation, Prinz worked as an undergraduate research assistant during the academic years and summers and ultimately developed close relationships with several professors. His favorite class was Economic Growth with Professor David Weil, who Prinz noted was a fantastic lecturer. Prinz went on to assist Weil in numerous research projects, including new edition of Weil’s textbook and took Weil’s graduate-level course. 

 Prinz’s positive undergraduate research experiences with numerous professors at Brown critically influenced his decision to pursue a career as an economist. He spent two and a half years as a research assistant at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), earning a Pre-Doctoral Fellowship in Disability Policy Research. Currently, Prinz is in the Ph.D. program at Harvard University to study Health Policy and Economics. His research focuses on social insurance programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and disability insurance, with an eye towards equity, efficiency, and fiscal sustainability

Daniel Prinz