Department of Economics

Celebrating Sylvia Kuo's Achievement: Winner of the 2024 Karen T. Romer Award

Sylvia Kuo has been awarded the prestigious 2024 Karen T. Romer Award for excellence in advising. Sylvia's unwavering commitment to her students has long been evident, and it is truly gratifying to see her outstanding work recognized by the wider university community.

This marks Sylvia's second time receiving this esteemed honor, having previously been named a winner in 2019. Her dedication to the academic and personal growth of her students is exemplary, and it is heartening to witness her contributions being celebrated once again.

The Karen T. Romer Prize for Undergraduate Advising and Mentoring was established in 2004 to acknowledge and reward excellence in advising by Brown University faculty. Named after the former Associate Dean of the College, Karen T. Romer, this award is a testament to Sylvia's commitment to the undergraduate experience.

Congratulations, Sylvia, on this well-deserved recognition! Your impact on the Brown University community is immeasurable, and we are proud to celebrate your achievements.