Department of Economics

Toru Kitagawa wins inaugural Haavelmo Prize from Econometric Society

The Econometric Society announced its annual prizes on April 23, 2024. Among the recipients was Toru Kitagawa, who, along with co-author Raffaella Giacomini, received the inaugural Haavelmo Prize for the best econometrics paper published in Econometrica over the past four years.

Toru's winning paper, titled "Robust Bayesian Inference for Set-Identified Models," exemplifies the caliber of work we witness from him every day in class and seminars. It represents a thoughtful advancement of econometric tools, bridging previously distinct approaches (Bayesian versus Frequentist estimation of set-identified models), coupled with a compelling empirical application (to Structural Vector Autoregressions or SVARs). This showcases how and why his theoretical contributions hold practical significance.

Congratulations to Toru on this well-deserved recognition!