Department of Economics
May 22, 2017

Two hundred undergraduate, eleven Ph.D. degrees to be awarded at Brown’s 249th Commencement, May 28


Economics remains a popular area of study at the undergraduate level. About two hundred undergraduate degrees will be awarded this year in Economics, Applied Math - Economics, Computer Science - Economics, and Mathematics - Economics.

CommencementThat is, more than one-in-eight of overall degree earners will have completed one of these concentrations, more than half of them in the Economics concentration itself. Dozens of other students are graduating with concentrations in Business Entrepreneurship and Organizations (BEO), International Relations, and other programs in which economics courses feature prominently. At the graduate level, eleven students will be awarded the Ph.D. in Economics, including students about to begin teaching careers at Vanderbilt, UC Davis, and other universities, and at the World Bank and other organizations and firms. We salute all of our graduates and wish them success in "discharging the offices of life with usefulness and reputation" (to quote Brown's mission statement).