Department of Economics

*New Public Policy track for the Economics A.B*

The Economics Department is thrilled to announce a new Public Policy track for the Economics A.B. The track is now open for declarations in ASK, with a professional track available as well. The requirements for the track are now live on our website on the Public Policy Track (A.B.) page and on the Economics Bulletin page.

This track focuses on real-world applications of economics to problems such as inequality, health, unemployment, development, the environment, and education, among others. Students will gain skills in critical thinking and data analysis that are important for policy evaluation. In particular, this track could prepare students for careers in NGOs, government, and research/policy institutes.

In recognition of this exciting development, the Economics Department and the Econ DUG are hosting a panel featuring Professors Anna Aizer, Emily Oster, Matthew Turner and David Weil discussing economic policy for the post-pandemic world. The event takes place on March 23rd at 4pm in Friedman 208. We would love to see you there!