Department of Economics

Guidelines for Research Grants at the Bravo Center

The Bravo Center gives research grants for faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students at Brown University. The objective of these grants are to support research in all areas of economics.

The information below provides guidelines for how to apply, timelines, criteria for grants, and how decisions are made.

Governing Structure

The Bravo Center is run by a steering committee of three faculty members, the Director (Gauti B. Eggertsson) and Peter Hull and Geoffroy de Clippel.


The objective of the Bravo Center is to stimulate high quality research in all areas of economics. The main criteria in determining if a project is funded is therefore the intellectual merit of the proposed research proposal, and the potential value added of Bravo funding to the research project. Generally speaking, junior faculty and graduate students that have limited funding opportunities receive some priority for funding. 

Contact Information

All questions and correspondence should be addressed to the This email is monitored by both the main administrator of the center, Jill Caya, as well as the Steering Committee.

Application for Funds

Application for funding for the Bravo Center is done via google form which can be found here.

Upon receiving your application, you should expect to receive a confirmation email that we have received your application and information on the next meeting of the Steering Committee, after which you should hear back about your application.


The Steering Committee meets three times a year. The application deadlines for fiscal year 2024 (2023/2024) are:

October 5, 2023

January 11, 2024

May 2, 2024

Accelerated Decisions

In some circumstances applicants for funding may face tight deadlines that do not line well with the allocations dates listed above. In that case, an applicant can request accelerated consideration, by choosing the appropriate choice in the application form, in which case a decision applicant will obtain a response within 3 weeks (the decision could for example be that a final decision cannot be made until all applications for that decision cycle have been reviewed).

Progress report

Successful applicants will need to supply a progress report as detailed in the acceptance letter of a successful grant application. A key deadline for a progress report is 31st of October each year, as this will feed into the Annual Report of the center.

Questions and Concerns about the Bravo Center

If you have any questions and concerns about the Bravo Center and grant allocations, please direct them to If you have questions and concerns about the Bravo Center, but wish to remain anonymous, you can, in case of graduate students raise it with your advisor, and in case of faculty members you can bring it to the attention of the Chairman of the Department, which will then relay these concerns to the Director of the Bravo Center.