Department of Economics


  Fall Spring
Freshman MATH 0090 MATH 0100
  ECON 0110 MATH 0520 or MATH 0540
Sophomore MATH 0180 MATH 1610, MATH 1620, or APMA 1650
  ECON 11301 ECON 1210
Junior ECON 1630 MATH 1110 or MATH 1120
  MATH 1010 ECON Elective
  ECON Elective  
Senior ECON Elective ECON Elective
  MATH Elective ECON Elective
  *Capstone or Honors Thesis  

1Or ECON 1110 with permission. For students matriculating at Brown in Fall 2021 or later, note that if ECON 1110 is used, then one additional course from the mathematical-economics group will be required.

Economics Electives Note: Students may apply, at most, one Economics course whose number is in the range of 1000 to 1099 toward the concentration. Note that ECON 1620, ECON 1960, and ECON 1970 (independent study) cannot be used for concentration credit. However, ECON 1620 and ECON 1960 can be used for university credit and up to two 1970s may be used for university credit. No course may be "double-counted" to satisfy both the mathematical-economics and data methods requirement.

*A capstone project is a requirement in the Economics Public Policy track and the CS Economics concentrations. Students in other tracks and joint concentrations are not required to complete a thesis or capstone project but we strongly recommend doing so. Please note Honors Theses are written across two semesters.