Department of Economics


All economics concentrators are encouraged to complete a capstone project in their senior year.


All economics concentrators are encouraged to complete a capstone project in their senior year. A capstone project is a culminating opportunity to synthesize and apply the tools and knowledge they have gained in the discipline. Capstones in economics can take the following form:

  • Honors Thesis
  • Independent Study (ECON 1970)
  • Independent research project for a course (e.g., ECON 1400 Mass Media, ECON 1430 Social Policy, ECON 1780 Advanced Corporate Finance, ECON 1825 Behavioral Economics and Public Policy)
  • Senior seminar or other advanced elective
  • Research Assistantship
  • Teaching Assistantship
  • Concentration-Related Internship

All seniors doing capstones must fill out this Capstone Recognition Form by May 1st.


Honors at the university level (Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa) are determined by the College based on a student’s grades. Honors within the department is based on the completion of an honors thesis. Outside of Brown, there is an international honors society for economics, Omicron Delta Epsilon. Students who receive six or more A’s in economics courses before their senior year are invited to join ODE.


For questions about honors and other capstones, please reach out to the following people.

  • Angelica Spertini Angelica Spertini

    Angelica Spertini

    Academic Programs Manager, Academic Student Programs Advisor
    Robinson Hall 103B
    Tuesdays 11:00am-12:00pm and Thursdays 2:00pm-3:00pm
  • Rachel Friedberg Rachel Friedberg

    Rachel Friedberg

    Distinguished Senior Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Studies (Standard Concentration)
    Office: Robinson Hall Room 216
    Office Hours: Friday 10 AM-12 PM EST
  • Kareen Rozen Kareen Rozen

    Kareen Rozen

    Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies (Joint Concentrations)
    Office: Robinson Hall Room 102A
    Office Hours: Wednesday 1-2:30pm and Wednesday 9-9:30pm