Department of Economics

Applied Microeconomics

The use of data and econometric methods to test microeconomic theory. Applied micro is an umbrella term that includes labor, urban, education, industrial organization, public, health, and environmental economics.

Relevant Courses

  • ECON1000 Using Big Data to Solve Economic and Social Problems
  • ECON1070 Race, Crime, and Punishment in America*
  • ECON1300 Education, The Economy and School Reform (EDUC1150)
  • ECON1301 Economics of Education  (EDUC1130)
  • ECON1305 Economics of Education: Research 
  • ECON1310 Labor Economics*
  • ECON1315 Health, Education, and Social Policy
  • ECON1340 Economics of Global Warming
  • ECON1350 Environment Economics and Policy (ENVS1350)
  • ECON1355 Environment Issues in Development Economics (ENVS1355)
  • ECON1360 Health Economics
  • ECON1370 Race and Inequality in the US*
  • ECON1375 Inequality of Opportunity in the US
  • ECON1385 Intergenerational Poverty in America*
  • ECON1400 Economics of Mass Media
  • ECON1410 Urban Economics
  • ECON1420 Industrial Organization
  • ECON1430 The Economics of Social Policy
  • ECON1450 Econ. Organizations and Econ. Systems
  • ECON1480 Public Economics
  • ECON1510 Economic Development
  • ECON1530 Health, Hunger, and the Household in Developing Countries*
  • ECON1825 Behavioral Economics and Public Policy

*Race, Power, and Privilege (RPP) course


  • Anna Aizer

    Research Interests Health Economics, Labor Economics
  • Kenneth Chay

    Research Interests Applied Microeconomics, Health Economics, Labor Economics
  • Andrew Foster

    Research Interests Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics, Empirical Economics
  • John Friedman

    Research Interests Public Economics, Political Economy
  • Brian Knight

    Research Interests Applied Microeconomics, Political Economy, Public Economics
  • Emily Oster

    Research Interests Health Economics, Development Economics
  • Neil Thakral

    Research Interests Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics, Labor Economics, Market Design
  • Matthew Turner

    Research Interests Environmental Economics, Urban Economics