Department of Economics

Microeconomic Theory

Studies the behavior of individual households and firms making decisions regarding the allocation of limited or scarce resources.

Includes game theory (the study of strategic decision making), decision theory (the study of preferences and uncertainties related to optimal choices), general equilibrium theory (how prices coordinate the choices of individual agents across multiple markets), and mechanism design (how changing the rules or institutions affects economic behavior and outcomes).

Relevant Courses

  • ECON1090 Introduction to Game Theory
  • ECON1110 Intermediate Microeconomics
  • ECON1130 Intermediate Microeconomics(Math)
  • ECON1170 Wellfare Economics
  • ECON1465 Economics of Antitrust 
  • ECON1470 Bargaining Theory + Applications
  • ECON1490 Designing Internet Marketplaces
  • ECON1805 Economics in the Laboratory
  • ECON1820 Behavioral Economics
  • ECON1825 Behavioral Economics and Public Policy
  • ECON1860 Theory of General Equilibrium
  • ECON1870 Game Theory/Applications to Economic