Department of Economics

Course requirements (14 courses: 6 math + 8 econ)


  • Calculus: MATH 0180 (or higher)
  • Linear algebra: MATH 0520 or 0540
  • Probability theory: one course from MATH 1210 (FKA MATH 1610), MATH 1220 (FKA MATH 1620) or APMA 1650
  • Analysis: one course from MATH 1010, MATH 1630 (FKA MATH 1130) or MATH 1640 (FKA MATH 1140)
  • Differential equations: one course from MATH 1110 or MATH 1120
  • Plus one additional course from the probability, analysis or differential equations groups


  • ECON 1130*
  • ECON 1210
  • ECON 1630
  • Plus at least five other 1000-level economics courses. 
    • Of these five courses, at least two must be chosen from "mathematical-economics" group and one, without double-counting, must be from the "data methods" group
    • Note that Econ 1620, 1960, and 1970 (independent study) cannot be used for concentration credit.  However, 1620 and 1960 can be used for university credit and up to two 1970s may be used for university credit. Also, at most one economic elective in the 1000-1099 range may be applied towards the concentration.
  • (A senior capstone project or honors thesis is highly recommended although not required.)

*Or ECON 1110 with permission. For students matriculating at Brown in Fall 2021 or later, note that if ECON 1110 is used, then the concentration will require one extra course, to be taken from the mathematical-economics group.