Department of Economics


The Department of Economics offers several concentrations, some of which are interdisciplinary and offered in partnership with other departments.

Though there is significant overlap in the course requirements of all Economics concentrations, there are important differences that reflect the distinct approaches and interests of each concentration.

The Economics Concentration

The Economics Concentration equips students with tools from microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics, preparing them to study a wide range of subjects. 

*If you are interested in pursuing a PhD after completing your undergraduate degree, taking a joint concentration is recommended.

Applied Math-Economics Concentration

The philosophy of this program is to provide sufficient command of mathematical concepts to allow pursuit of an economics program emphasizing modern research problems.

Mathematics-Economics Concentration

The Mathematics-Economics Concentration is designed to give a background in economic theory plus the mathematical tools needed to analyze and develop additional theoretical constructions.

Computer Science-Economics Concentration

The joint computer science-economics concentration exposes students to both theoretical and practical connections between computer science and economics.