Department of Economics

Student Jobs

Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Tutors, Peer Advisors and Internships.

Research Assistant

If you are interested in hands-on experience doing economics research, you can reach out to any professor whose research questions interest you. Doing research is a great way to apply the tools you’ve been learning in class, and see how economics researchers use them to answer exciting questions. RAs are paid by the hour.  Another option for working on research with a professor is through Brown’s UTRA Program, which you apply for months before the work begins. If you are interested in becoming an RA,  please fill out an application.


Teaching Assistant

If you are interested in taking a turn at teaching economics, the department regularly hires undergraduates to lead conference sections, hold office hours, and help grade homework assignments. Here is a list of courses that regularly hire undergraduate TAs (UTAs).  UTAs are paid by the hour, and do not get course credit.  UTAs undergo training at the Sheridan Center, and they work closely with the instructor and graduate TAs. Working as a UTA is a great way to deepen your own understanding of economics, while helping the next generation of students learn as well. If you are interested in being a UTA, please fill out an application. 



Economics tutors prepare lesson plans and meet weekly with a group of 3-5 students to help them further understand course material. Students interested in becoming an Economics tutor can contact Janet Peters, the Assistant Director of Academic Tutoring in the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning.


Peer Advisor

This position is available to juniors and seniors concentrating in Economics (or any of the joint economics concentrations) with sufficient experience to advise students on their concentration path. Peer advisors provide information that can be helpful for course selection, concentration choices, internships, RA-ing, TA-ing, graduate school, study abroad, and so forth. As a Peer Advisor, you work closely with both the Econ DUG and the department. Responsibilities include being available to other students, holding office hours, etc. This position is compensated. 

Peer Advisors are selected on an annual basis. Students interested in becoming a Peer Advisor should fill out an application before the beginning of the academic year. 



Economics students interested in internships should consider browsing opportunities on Handshake and BrownConnect, as well as contact the CareerLAB.

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