Department of Economics


The Economics Concentration equips students with tools from microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics, preparing them to study a wide range of subjects.

Concentrators are encouraged to consider our recommended sequence of courses, but in the spirit of Brown’s open curriculum, they are free to design their own program of electives. Concentrators wishing to dive deep into one area are free to do so. Others aiming for more breadth can combine courses from different fields of the discipline.

Note that students considering studying for a Ph.D. in economics after their undergraduate career are advised to consider one of the joint concentrations rather than the standard Economics concentration, because of the more stringent preparation in mathematical and quantitative methods that such programs expect.


Your final semesters at Brown should provide a meaningful culmination of your undergraduate education. All economics concentrators are encouraged to complete a capstone project in their senior year. Note that it is a requirement in the Public Policy track and in CS – Economics concentrations.